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How to arrange a session with Mistress Charlotte

Written by Her servant

Mistress Charlotte is magnificent in almost every way that you can imagine. She is stunningly attractive, piercingly intelligent, fun, sexy and you can add hundreds of other adjectives to the list. She is also a very genuine, warm-hearted and kind human being. Her Dominance comes naturally and is beautiful, creative and powerful. Magic happens with Her. So yes, it is very much worth following through and booking a D/s session with Mistress Charlotte. Luckily the process to arrange a session is very straightforward and outlined below.

Mistress Charlotte Douleur and Her sub at Hackney Wick Dungeon Suite

As you will have likely noticed, Mistress Charlotte has very active social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram. So naturally, if you'd like to arrange a session with Her, the thing to do is to send Her lots of DMs to those accounts. DM once, DM twice, why stop there, DM 100 times. Particularly if you don't get an instantaneous response - just keep on sending those DMs, that usually works. Most productive are the one-liners like "Hi Mistress - sess?" or even just "You're very sexy, can I session with you please." The "please" totally swings it of course. If you want to include an "intimate" pic then obviously that would be very helpful. I mean really that's the best way, particularly if it's the middle of the night and you're feeling quite horny, that's when you're likely to send your most thoughtful and articulate DMs. You'll really stand out and make a good impression that way.

OK, so I hope you all realised that that was all very much a joke. Mistress Charlotte gets tens/hundreds of DMs to her social media accounts every day. They are generally nonsense, unintelligible and inarticulate and it is very hard to sort the wheat from the chaff. There is a good chance that a decent number of them come from either AI bots (with an absence of "I") or from the dark corners of the internet and world. If you want to arrange a session with Mistress Charlotte, it's probably best not to mingle with that crowd. Unless specifically requested - skip the DMs.

Luckily the process is much easier:

1. Read the whole of Mistress Charlotte's website. Make sure that you have a good understanding of Her kinks and interests. Peruse Her social media accounts. Read Her blog posts. Do some research. It's fun, the content is great and to be honest if you don't find it interesting and none of it resonates with you, then maybe it just isn't for you to session with Her.

2. Complete the application form on Her website. Mistress Charlotte genuinely takes the time to develop a relationship with all of Her submissives, starting from a tailored first session through to multi-year fulfilling D/s arrangements. Each relationship is different but each one is still very much true to Her. Mistress Charlotte invests Her time in you and the application form is the start of that process, so it is worth taking the time and putting some thought into completing the application form in a way that is true to yourself. For tips on how to write a good application, read this blog post by another sub that wrote Mistress Charlotte a wonderful application:

3. You don't have to but if you've got this far and enjoyed Mistress Charlotte's content then, if you can, it would probably be nice to send Her a small token of Your appreciation. It definitely won't hurt and it is probably the kind thing to do, particularly when you think about how many hours of work and effort She puts in to Her content and the application process:

4. Once you have submitted your application, be patient. Mistress Charlotte typically responds to successful applications (or even to unsuccessful but well considered applications) within 2-3 days. Check your junk mail if you are waiting on a reply. If you haven't had a response within a week, then your application was rejected.

5. Congratulations on your successful application. At this point, Mistress Charlotte will send you Her rates and payment information (don't haggle there's no point and it doesn't reflect well on you) and send you a link to book in for a video consultation call with Her. You will be expected to pay a 50% deposit ahead of booking in a video consultation time. This call is so that you can both get to know each other ahead of your first meeting. I have seen first-hand; how much effort Mistress Charlotte puts into making a first session unique and tailored and Her overall level of professionalism to give potential subs the best experience possible and once you have got this far, I am genuinely excited for you.

6. Your first meeting with Mistress Charlotte will likely be 1-4 hours in length and can take the form of a D/s session in a dungeon (Mistress Charlotte has many locations that She chooses from depending on the nature of the session) or a social date or perhaps some combination of the two. I recommend at least 2 hours to get the most out of your experience.

7. Enjoy and try not to get too tangled in Mistress Charlotte's web. Or do .....

I hope that some element of that was useful to you. Good luck and I hope that you have a great time with Mistress Charlotte and that your D/s journey brings you joy and fulfilment.

Mistress Charlotte Douleur at Hackney Wick Dungeon Suite

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