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More than just a session...

I am a professionally trained Dominatrix and lifestyle Mistress based in London

My interests lie in long term, deeply engaging, personal and highly satisfying D/s relationships. My mind is my best weapon and thrives off genuine power exchange. I give My precious time to very few people, but those who I choose to share it with, have the opportunity to earn My devotion as their Mistress. I cannot help but pick My favourites and keep them near and dear to Me.  

"Mistress Douleur is exceptional. She is a genuine lifestyle Dominant who loves stripping away a submissive's control and self respect. Expect to see Her eyes sparkle with pleasure as She pushes you to take more punishment and you will be desperate to take more to please Her. She is endlessly inventive, particularly when it comes to humiliation and tasks and She enjoys nothing more than to keep Her submissives locked up and denied."


Virtual Keyholding

As an active member of the kink community, dominance is more than just a job, but a way of life I thoroughly enjoy. My preference is always those who are seeking a long term dynamic. Those who seek a meaningful connection and experience, something more than "just a session". I am welcoming to new players and occasionally consider those who just want to dip their toe in.
Ongoing servitude is not for the faint hearted, and very few are privileged enough for such position.

My professional background lends itself incredibly well to this lifestyle. Let's just say there is a whole fetish about me...
...I will let your mind wander.

My journey into kink started many years ago when I attended my first kink/fetish event. I have since become host of my own sex positive events, occasionally allowing my favourites to serve at these. I am lucky enough to have met some wonderful people along the way and enjoy photographing them when I can.



Include, but are not limited to:

Favourites in bold


Boot worship






Domestic Servitude (for long term submissives only)

Double Domme (or several more)


Face Slapping

Foot Worship


Key holding


Nipple torture


Pet play

Role play

Sensory deprivation



Spit play



Water sports

I will never offer any illegal acts


 She has always made me feel safe and accepted when it comes to my kinks and desires; and as a result of this has gained my complete submission. It’s submission that I’ve never experienced before. So complete and genuine.




How do I book a session with you?

 I am highly selective with who I choose to play with. You may apply to serve Me (see below), and if I feel you are worthy of My time, you will be contacted via email to schedule a video consultation. I will always prioritise those looking for ongoing submission. 

What does an ongoing D/s dynamic look like?

Through consultation, this is something we agree on together. These dynamics run seamlessly in the background of day to day life, enriching every moment. This is not something for the faint hearted and requires you to be well aware of your hard and soft limits and have good communication. We draw up a rule book together, and once we start playing... well, that is up to me isn't it...

For more FAQs please read my blogs

Tributes tailored accordingly 


All applications will be handled in strict confidence.

Ensure you have read through My whole website thoroughly. Only then may you complete the below form. 

Gifts and tributes always appreciated, never forgotten.

By submitting you this form you agree to my deposit/bookings policy as outline in my FAQ's blog

Thanks for submitting! Please keep an eye on your junk mail.

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