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Locked. Written by Charlotte's himbo

i’m ridiculously fortunate & grateful to be Mistress Charlotte Douleur’s himbo. Since the first time i had the honour of meeting Mistress Douleur, She has done nothing but take my breathe away. Her shear beauty is undeniable, Her presence is confident, powerful & controls the room like no other. In our first session within seconds She had me crumbling into a submissive mess. In my hast to follow Her instructions I quickly stripped all my clothing and threw them in the corner, only to be corrected and ordered to fold them neatly and crawl back to the centre of the room to be inspected. I knew right then, I had found the Mistress I needed to do everything in my power to serve. All I could think about was how badly I wanted to please, entertain, and serve this Goddess before me. 


Mistress Douleur so generously has kept me in chastity and denied from orgasms. The pride I take in getting to see my keys dangle so delicately on Her perfect chest is sky high. i often have to bring myself back to the room when i’m with Her, between Her mesmerising eyes, pretty smile and the noise or subtle shine of my keys under control it’s hard not to get lost in your own head. However this is always short-lived as I need to always be on point to make sure Her every need is met. Mistress Douleur should not be lifting a finger. 


Mistress Douleur often likes to watch me struggle and fall apart by publicly teasing my cage. Sometimes all it can take its a subtle smile or bite of her lip in my direction. Sometimes it’s one of Her perfect feet gently running up my leg. Whatever it may be, it’s always a reminder of who’s in charge. Wearing the cage daily is a constant reminder of this. Every time I move the wrong way, shower, exercise, change clothes. If i see or feel my cage i think of Her. This starts off a chain reaction… Thinking of Her perfection only leads to excitement, knowing that she has that level of control over me, That She holds my keys & that i have the privilege of serving at Her feet. My cage instantly tightens which causes discomfort & pain. Now the fun begins, the discomfort and pain is now only a further instilling reminder of Her. Reminding me how desperate i am for Her. I only get tighter, and tighter leaving me a horny & weak drooling mess with the only thing on my little himbo brain is how I can please Her. 


As a submissive, it’s one of the most exciting and thrilling things i could advise. Having a part of you, controlled and locked away by someone so superior, so perfect, so beautiful is not only one of my favourite parts of getting to serve Mistress Douleur, but it also brings her joy to see me struggle. Which is ultimately why we are all here… to please Her. Nothing we do is for us. Only her. 


Look forward to being more productive and obedient. Hand your key over & become addicted just like i am. Every early morning waking up knowing that she holds the key, the humiliation of having to sit down to pee every time, denied of any pleasure and definitely any orgasms… all for Her. Knowing you are putting her first before yourself is a freeing thing. 

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